He Carries his Unicorn Inflatable on the Roof of his Car, a Verbalised Motorist

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Before arriving on the beach, this motorist who was carrying a giant unicorn inflatable was stopped by gendarmes, Friday, July 5, 2019.

He was going to make himself incognito with his inflatable on a Var beach Friday, 5th July 2019, but he was intercepted before throwing himself into the water.

You have been warned! Not everything is allowed on the roof of your vehicle. Some motorists still think that are still free from the regulations …

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A driver was reported Friday 5th July 2019 for carrying on the roof of his car a giant inflatable unicorn on a road in Cavalaire-sur-Mer (Var) . This one exceeded in fact largely the authorized size …

The inflatable has been deflated

Intercepted by the bikers of the gendarmerie, the motorist had to deflate his buoy “so that he can take the road safely for him and other uses,” reported the military Gassin.

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