CPAM: Fake Mails Circulate to Get your Bank Details

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A false email from CPAM is being circulated trying to obtain your bank details

PHISHING: Hackers send e-mails similar to those of CPAM Health Insurance to retrieve banking information …

The gendarmerie has launched a call for vigilance on Twitter , in connection with an extensive campaign of phishing on the Internet. Hackers pose as CPAM, who deal with health insurance in order to hand over bank details via email, reports LCI .

In the message header, there is a faithful reproduction of the logo of . The email request to inform username and password before entering bank information in order to receive a refund.

Report fraud as soon as possible

The link provided is obviously wrong, the many spelling mistakes and French easily put on the track. “The site of the Health Insurance ” Ameli ” will never ask for your bank details. Do not get phish! “Insists the tweet of the gendarmerie.

If you receive this email, delete it immediately. If you have already opened and clicked on the link, immediately reset your username and password and make a complaint to the Gendarmes. Do not then forget to report fraudulent link to the government or the Pharos platform to allow for an investigation and the end of the scam.

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