Evron: Tanker Carrying 13 600 litres of Milk, on its Side

Local News
A tanker carrying over 13,000 litres of milk ended up on its side at Evron

The accident occurred on Thursday 23rd February 12.40pm, at the roundabout St. Suzanne, in the centre of Evron. A tanker carrying 13,600 litres of milk was lying on its side.

The tanker from the company Bel, was carrying 13,600 litres of milk, ended up lying on its right side. The cause was not explained.  A small amount of milk has poured out on the floor, causing no significant pollution. The rest had to be pumped into  another truck to continue onto the dairy. As for lifting the tank, it was done at 2.50pm.

During the three hours of disruption, traffic was diverted, causing some delays. The driver, aged 56 lives in Sainte-Gemmes-le-Robert, was rushed to the hospital for check-ups.

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