Coronavirus: Return to Total Confinement in England and Scotland

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Boris Johnson is expected to make announcements on Monday evening

EPIDEMIC: The UK is under enormous pressure on its resuscitation services, forcing England and Scotland to return to total confinement

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced on Monday evening on television a total reconfinement of England in the face of the surge in cases of coronavirus , in particular the new variant.

This new confinement, as strict as the one put in place in the spring, provides for the closure of schools and must last if conditions allow, until mid-February, he announced in a televised address.

He had warned this Monday afternoon that he would make important announcements, while many members of the government were pushing for this option.

Scotland confined for a month

Scotland, she had not even waited tonight to announce new confinement on Monday. The First Minister of the country Nicola Sturgeon announced this afternoon that the British nation would once again enter a containment “similar to that of March” 2020, to control the surge in contamination attributed to the variant of the new coronavirus.

“From midnight and for all of January, you will be legally required to stay at home,” the leader announced at a press conference, citing a “blow” due to the “variant of the virus that spreads quickly”

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