Tesla Cybertruck has some basic engineering problems

Tesla: Cybertruck Pickup has “Basic Engineering Shortcomings”

AUTO: In internal Tesla documents leaked a few weeks ago, we learn that the Cybertruck pickup has been affected from the start by shortcomings in areas considered basic Unveiled with fanfare in 2019, the Tesla Cybertruck was to upset the established order, in a particularly crucial category in the United States. But after multiple delays, it shouldn’t arrive until […]

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Alfa Romeo needs ideas for a name

Alfa Romeo Appeals to Fans for its First All-Electric Model

AUTO: Many specialized media are currently relaying the appeal launched by Alfa Romeo via its social networks. Objective: find the baptismal name of the next model. As brand CEO Jean-Philippe Imparato has repeatedly confirmed, Alfa Romeo intends to launch one major new model per year. In 2024, it will be the turn of a B-segment model, which will be […]

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The Renault Twingo E-Tech can boast of great performance. (

Car test: Renault Twingo E-Tech, Low-Cost Electric Car

AUTO: The electric Renault Twingo costs more than the Dacia Spring but even if it offers less autonomy, its services are better. When looking for the cheapest electric car, it is impossible not to approach the Dacia Spring. Now offered at €20,800 at the entry-level, the little Romanian remains the least expensive electric vehicle on the current […]

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Macron proposes a schem to allow people to lease an electric car for 100 euros per month

Electric Car: Macron is Considering Leasing at a Maximum of 100 Euros per Month

MOBILITY: The scheme would come in addition to the conversion bonus and the ecological bonus enabling more people to have access to an electric car During his first major campaign speech this Thursday in Seine-Saint-Denis, candidate Macron proposed the establishment of leasing aid for electric cars. Details of the measure were given over the weekend, reports BFMTV. This system […]

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Elon Musk says that the Model Model Y will be top seller in 2023

Tesla: For Elon Musk, Model Y will be the World’s Best-Selling Car in 2023

AMBITION: Elon Musk bets on producing more than 1.5 million of the Tesla electric SUV each year, up from a few hundred thousand today Once again, Elon Musk clearly shows his ambition. For him, the Tesla Model Y will be the best-selling car in the world from 2022, or 2023 at the latest. The boss of the Californian manufacturer made the announcement on the occasion […]

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The Citroën Ami offers a range of up to 70 kilometers. Its top speed is limited to 45 km / h.

Citroën Presents Ami, the Micro Electric Car, Driven Without a License

Citroën is revolutionizing urban mobility with its Friend, a two-seat electric quadricycle, without a license, with a range of 70 km and travelling at 45 km / h. Price: € 6,000. Direct descendant of Ami One Concept , presented at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show on the Citroën stand , the Ami becomes a reality a year later and responds to new mobility expectations, particularly in urban areas and for short […]

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The new Renault Zoe 3 offers 395 km range in normal conditions

Renault Zoe 3: 395 km in all Serenity

Everything progresses, even the autonomy of electric cars. Thus, the Renault Zoe displays 395 real km and a price, including battery, 26 000 € with bonus. The 2nd generation showed its doors on autonomy of 400 kilometres but was advised to build on 300 km in the urban route, much less on the motorway. This time, with the new, more rigorous WLTP […]

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Elon Musk says Tesla will cut costs to avoid bankruptcy

Tesla: In Deficit, the Company will Cut Costs to Avoid Bankruptcy, According to Elon Musk

DRASTIC: Each of the expenses at Tesla will be combed and approved by the CFO Tesla employees will have to tighten their belts. Driven by the difficulties of production of its Model 3 , the American manufacturer reports a loss of 700 million dollars in the first quarter of 2019, reports Electrek site relayed by  Clubic . Aware of this critical situation for his […]

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James Bond and the Aston Martin DB5, a great love story, like here in Skyfall.

In the Next James Bond, 007 Will Ride in an Aston Martin … Electric

Even James Bond goes green. In the next instalment of the saga, the British spy will trade his Aston Martin DB5 against an electric model. Proof that ecology touches everyone, even James Bond. The famous English spy, incarnated since several opus by the actor Daniel Craig, will indeed ride in electric in the next film of the saga, […]

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The Citroën Ami One Concept is designed for the city, accessible without a license, so from the age of 16 years.

With Ami One Concept, Citroën relies on 100% Electric in the City

Citroën is perpetuating 100 years of innovation and daring at the service of freedom of movement by presenting at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show its Ami One Concept, a 100% electric vehicle Since 1919, the history of Citroën has always been a reflection of its era with unconventional and revolutionary vehicles, which have become iconic in the […]

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