Citroën Presents Ami, the Micro Electric Car, Driven Without a License

The Citroën Ami offers a range of up to 70 kilometers. Its top speed is limited to 45 km / h.

Citroën is revolutionizing urban mobility with its Friend, a two-seat electric quadricycle, without a license, with a range of 70 km and travelling at 45 km / h. Price: € 6,000.

Direct descendant of Ami One Concept , presented at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show on the Citroën stand , the Ami becomes a reality a year later and responds to new mobility expectations, particularly in urban areas and for short trips, with its zero CO2 emission level thanks to its electric motor and a range of up to 70 kilometres.

Its ultra-compact size of 2.41 m long, 1.39 m wide and 1.52 m high, with a turning diameter of 7.20 m, simplifies parking and offers incomparable agility.

Comfortable and protective

Small on the outside and big on the inside, the Friend allows two people to move side by side in complete comfort, with a closed and heated cabin, benefiting from a great luminosity. It provides a quiet, fluid clutch-free ride and quick, instant acceleration when starting.

Weighing 485 kg, its top speed is limited to 45 km / h. Its original style, the play of symmetry and its unique presence give it a special character. Its customization possibilities invite you to play with different looks thanks to the 6 packs of colourful accessories available.

Two seats side by side

Access on board is facilitated by large identical doors on both sides, inducing an inverted and antagonistic opening direction on the driver’s side. The offset arrangement of the two symmetrical seats offers greater ease of movement. The driver’s seat can be adjusted in length, but the passenger seat remains fixed.

Exterior of the Citroën Ami
Citroën Ami (© Citroën)

Thanks to this architecture, every corner is exploited to its maximum and the storage areas cleverly and intelligently distributed in the passenger compartment. The designers were able to identify a storage niche located at the passenger’s feet that could accommodate a “cabin” size suitcase as well as another storage area at the rear.

In the Citroën Ami, the storage areas are cleverly distributed in the passenger compartment.
In the Citroën Ami, the storage areas are cleverly distributed in the passenger compartment. (© Citroën)

Simple and quick recharge in 3 hours

Recharging its 5.5 kWh lithium-ion battery, located flat under the floor, is very simple using the on-board electric cable at the passenger side door entry. Once the cable is connected, 3 hours are enough for a full charge on a conventional 220 V socket. The Friend can also be recharged on a public charging station or a Wall Box via a suitable cable.

Accessible to everyone

The Friend drives without a license, therefore from 14 years old, with affordable “à la carte” offers adapted to everyone’s needs, in carsharing or long-term rental from € 19.99 / month. Its price is also very affordable since Citroën fixed it at € 6,900 from which it is possible to deduct the bonus of € 900.

The Friend will be available in the Citroën network but also on display in the Fnac and Darty partner stores. Finally, it will be possible to have this vehicle delivered directly to your home for even greater ease.

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