Dolphins disrupt the final of the French jet ski championship

Dolphins Disturb the Final of the Jet Ski Championship of France in Ajaccio

NUISANCE: Unless it’s the other way around The presence of a school of dolphins in the Gulf of Ajaccio caused Saturday the interruption of the championship of France endurance jet ski. “We had to stop the competition four times. The dolphins have been there for two days, they have fun with the jets, they jump, “said Nathalie Roldan, president of the […]

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Two dolphins swimming in Croisic, Loire-Atlantique

Loire-Atlantique: Two Young Dolphins Swim in the Port of Croisic!

Dolphins swam quietly for several hours, Monday noon … A rare scene. On Monday, two young dolphins are invited to the port of Croisic, in Loire-Atlantique. The people had plenty of time to admire since both mammals remained several hours in the pool, swimming calmly. They left themselves in the middle of the afternoon. Deux jeunes […]

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A young dolphin has died at the Planète sauvage animal park

Loire-Atlantique: Death of a Young Dolphin at Planète Sauvage

The young dolphin, born in captivity on August 16, received a fatal blow Friday … A young dolphin born on the 16th August at the Planète Sauvage animal park at Port-Saint-Père died after receiving a blow by a female, a spokesman confirmed from the park, confirming a report by Presse Ocean newspaper. Killed during an altercation […]

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