A Dozen Dolphins in the Harbour of Brest

Local News Video
A dozen dolphins fun in the port of Petit Dellec in Plouzané, Brest

This is a surfer who captured this beautiful video. A dozen dolphins having fun in the port of Petit Dellec in Plouzané.

“If you’re interested, there were a dozen dolphins on Friday morning around 9 am at the Petit Dellec in Plouzané. This is the message we left Romain Martin on Monday night to 20 h 30.

3 hours after publication on the  Facebook page of Ouest France, the video is a success. More than 1,500 “Likes” over 600 shares and especially nearly 30,000 viewings! 

Dolphins swimming in the harbour at Brest

Dolphins up close in Harbour of Brest

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