Loire-Atlantique: Two Young Dolphins Swim in the Port of Croisic!

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Two dolphins swimming in Croisic, Loire-Atlantique

Dolphins swam quietly for several hours, Monday noon …

A rare scene. On Monday, two young dolphins are invited to the port of Croisic, in Loire-Atlantique. The people had plenty of time to admire since both mammals remained several hours in the pool, swimming calmly. They left themselves in the middle of the afternoon.

Deux jeunes dauphins nagent dans le port du Croisic.

Cet après-midi (lundi 18 janvier) deux jeunes #dauphins nageaient paisiblement dans le port du #Croisic. Ont-ils suivi un bateau qui rentrait au port ? Il sont repartis aussi calmement qu’ils sont venus.

Posté par Ocearium Du Croisic sur lundi 18 janvier 2016

Already seen in the last few days

For those who missed the show, the team of Océarium Croisic has posted on his Facebook page a video of these surprise guests. “They are not very big so must be pretty young, details Nadine Auffret, director of Océarium. They have been spotted off by fishermen, there are two or three days they can be recognized because one of them has a small white mark on the side as a superficial wound. But they look great!”

According Océarium, these dolphins have actually lost their way. “It is quite exceptional to see them so close. The hope is that they meet and fall on the broad group, “says Nadine Auffret.

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