Loire-Atlantique: Death of a Young Dolphin at Planète Sauvage

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A young dolphin has died at the Planète sauvage animal park
A young dolphin has died at the Planète sauvage animal park
Photo of the animal trainer and dolphins at park – Julie Urbach / 20 Minutes

The young dolphin, born in captivity on August 16, received a fatal blow Friday …

A young dolphin born on the 16th August at the Planète Sauvage animal park at Port-Saint-Père died after receiving a blow by a female, a spokesman confirmed from the park, confirming a report by Presse Ocean newspaper.

Killed during an altercation

Since its birth in the dolphinarium, the first at Planète Sauvage, the young dolphin was placed in a basin away from other dolphins, sharing it only with his mother and another female.  It was during a clash between the two females last Friday afternoon, that the young dolphin was mortally wounded.

“We put him with an experienced female because we know that it will help the dolphin to swim and relieve the mother.  Unfortunately, there was an altercation between two females, as happens sometimes in dolphins and mammals all over the world, in captivity or in the wild.  The young dolphin received a fatal blow that was not intended for him was confirmed by the veterinary expert ” explained Martin Boye, the scientific manager at Planète Sauvage

The Planète Sauvage animal park in Port-Saint-Père hosts seven bottlenose dolphins in the Dolphinarium.

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