President Francois Hollande announces an "Act of War" against France

Hollande accused the group of IS committing “an act of war”

Francois Hollande Saturday called the attacks highly … Francois Hollande called Saturday the extremely deadly attacks in Paris of “act of war”, pointing for the first time as head “terrorist army” of the organization Islamic state, “Daech” and called on the French for “unity”,  “gathering” and “cool.” “It’s an act of war committed by a […]

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Soldiers in Paris after the Attacks in Paris

Attacks in Paris: at least 128 Dead, Crisis Meeting at the Elysee

First day state of emergency in France. The country is waking up Saturday morning in fright after the series of terrorist attacks in Paris Friday night. An update on the terrible attacks in Paris last night, as more information is now coming clear is that at least 128 people were killed and 192 injured including […]

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