32 departments on orange alert with storm ciara

Storm Ciara: 32 Departments still on Orange Alert on Monday, Considerable Damage

Gusts of over 130 km/h swept France on the night of Sunday 9th February 2020. Several cities were flooded and homes deprived of electricity. Cancelled flights, interrupted ferries between France and England, stationary rail traffic in western Germany: the Storm Ciara blows over northwest Europe on Monday, causing damage, flooding and outages of current. Wind gusts over 130 km/h In France, […]

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The spire of Notre-Dame collapses during the fire of the frame of the cathedral, in Paris on April 15, 2019.

Fire in Notre-Dame-de-Paris: The Ravaged Roof, The Spire Collapses

A fire broke out in Notre-Dame-de-Paris Cathedral on Monday 15th April, 2019 around 6.50pm. Work in the building could be the cause. A very serious fire broke out at Notre-Dame-de-Paris Cathedral on Monday 15th April, 2019, around 6:50 pm, several media reports . The fire could “potentially be linked” to the renovation of the building, but its origin is still unknown. The spire of […]

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Banks call to the end of violence towards their branches

Demonstrations: Banks Call for an End to Violence Against their Branches

French banks call for the cessation of violence that have already targeted several hundred of their branches on the sidelines of the days of mobilisation of “yellow vests” in a forum published Saturday in Le Monde. “It is time, for all, to condemn the acts committed against the banks,” pleaded the six members of the Executive […]

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Leaders and Business demand the end of violence in Rouen by Yellow Vests

Act 9 Yellow Vests: The Elected and Business Leaders of Rouen Demand the End of the violence

Parliamentarians and business leaders of Rouen ask that “the period of the sales is not disturbed by new attacks of violence”, Friday 11th January, 2019. With every mobilisation of yellow vests , many would like the violence not to be systematic. Foremost among them, parliamentarians and actors of the economic world of Rouen (Seine-Maritime) , who published an open letter Friday 11th January, 2019, the eve […]

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Damage of the Brittany Ferries 'Normandie' ship will disrupt crossings

Damage of the ‘Normandie’: 12 Connections between Caen and Portsmouth canceled

The unavailability of the “Normandie” until Sunday, 17th April forced the company to cancel twelve connections between Caen and Portsmouth. The damage on the Normandie will take longer to fix than expected . Consequently, the connections between Caen and Portsmouth will be disrupted until Sunday, 17th April 17.  The company will contact all affected passengers […]

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Damage caused by Bad weather esimated up to 650 million euros

Bad Weather on the French Riviera: The Estimated Bill Between 550 and 650 Million euros

The French Insurance Association (AFA) published Friday a first estimate … Flooded homes, swept away cars, roads and blocked railways … Nearly a week after the bad weather that caused the death of twenty people in the Alpes-Maritimes, it is time for the claims to start with insurers. According to an estimate published on Friday […]

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Taxi Protest throughout the country

Protest taxis: Who will pay vehicle damage?

The angry taxi demonstrators attacked vehicles on Thursday … Burned tyres, broken windscreens, cars overturned.  Nearly 3,000 taxis angrily protesting  during today, Thursday throughout France.  Drivers deem unfair competition from VTC and especially those of non-professionals who use UberPOP application. Incidents and erupted in several cities, including Paris and the Paris region. Cars made ​​for […]

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