Inflation largely fueled by rising corporate profits, IMF says

Inflation Largely Fueled by Rising Corporate Profits, IMF says

PRICE INCREASE: What’s cool in an inflationary period is that you can increase your margins without it showing (too much) When prices go up, the money has to go somewhere. And over the past two years in Europe, it has gone into the pockets of companies. It is not Karl Marx who says so, it is the International Monetary Fund […]

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Getir France has been placed into receivership

Getir France Announces its Placement in Receivership

The fast home shopping delivery company, Getir announced on Tuesday 2nd May 2023 that the Paris Commercial Court had placed it in receivership. Getir France, a subsidiary of Turkish fast home grocery delivery player Getir and owner of Frichti and Gorillas, has been placed in receivership by the Paris Commercial Court, the company announced on Tuesday 2nd […]

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Elisabeth Borne must discuss reducing health measures in companies with unions and employers

Coronavirus: Elisabeth Borne is Studying a Relaxation of Health Rules in Companies

EMPLOYMENT: Employment and working health restrictions could change from mid-May according to Elizabeth Borne Labor Minister  Elisabeth Borne is meeting with employers’ and union organizations on Monday. She will consult them in particular on teleworking in order to see how “to change the rules” of health measures in companies from mid-May. The minister said she wanted to “give […]

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"Hundreds of Thousands" of People Will Lose Their Jobs in France, Warns Bruno Le Maire

Coronavirus: “Hundreds of Thousands” of People Will Lose Their Jobs in France, Warns Bruno Le Maire

UNEMPLOYMENT: Faced with the recession, 45 billion euros will be put on the table in an attempt to preserve jobs as much as possible, announced the minister. To cope with the “wave of difficulties” which threatens the job market after confinement, Bruno Le Maire announced the creation of “new solutions” to help the households most in difficulty. The Minister of […]

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Microsoft forbids employees to use Slack and other software

Microsoft: Employees Requested to Remove Slack and Use Home Mail

COMPETITION: Microsoft has provided a list of prohibited software for its employees Microsoft forbids its employees to use Slack. The company has internally provided a list of software to ban the company, including the professional communication platform, competing directly with the Microsoft Teams tool, and which made a very good IPO on Friday. Microsoft justifies this decision with a […]

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Manitou shows a double digit growth for the first half of 2017

Manitou, A double-digit growth in the First Half of 2017

With + 17% compared to the period January-June 2016, the Manitou Group, headquartered in Ancenis (Loire-Atlantique), after displaying an “excellent” first half of 2017. “The group has an excellent half with strong growth in activity resulting from acceleration in global markets, including rental companies, and strengthening our performance because of market share recognized products and […]

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Electric Bikes made in France to be sold in New York

Shunned by Banks, the Electric Bike “Made in France” Featured in New York

“Nobody believed us, especially not the banks” ThirtyOne31, the electric bike “Made in France”, very nearly never saw the day. Yet the electric Vélib become leader, he moved to New York to represent “excellence”. “Nobody believed us, especially not the banks’ ThirtyOne31, the electric bike” Made in France ” almost never saw the day.  Yet […]

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