Getir France Announces its Placement in Receivership

Getir France has been placed into receivership

The fast home shopping delivery company, Getir announced on Tuesday 2nd May 2023 that the Paris Commercial Court had placed it in receivership.

Getir France, a subsidiary of Turkish fast home grocery delivery player Getir and owner of Frichti and Gorillas, has been placed in receivership by the Paris Commercial Court, the company announced on Tuesday 2nd May 2023 in a press release. at AFP.

“The Paris Commercial Court ruled today (May 2nd) in favour” of placing the company in receivership, accompanied by a “3-month observation period for Getir France, Gorillas France, Frichti “, said the company.

Two administrators and two legal representatives have been appointed to develop and implement a “reorganization plan”.

Hundreds of employees

The receivership must give “the three companies of Getir in France the time necessary to find a sustainable model to operate in the country”, pleads the company in its press release.

According to the CFDT, Getir has 900 employees in France, Gorillas 500 and Frichti 400.

The CGT had it estimated at the end of April that this request for placement in receivership was a strategy aimed at “making wages pay by the AGS (wage guarantee scheme, editor’s note) and temporarily suspending the payment of debts and creditors”.

Affirming that Getir had “significant cash”, the union considered “that the group still has the means to finance the reorganization of (company in) France”.

Arrived in 2021 in France

The “quick trade”, which emerged thanks to the confinements of the economy during the Covid-19 pandemic, has indeed benefited from very significant fundraising in 2021 and 2022. They are however more complicated at the present time. current situation because of the difficulty of this activity to find a profitable economic model.

At the end of March 2023, the total amount of indebtedness of Getir France, which started its activity in the country less than two years earlier, amounted to approximately 17.6 million euros, according to an internal note to the company that AFP procured.

This announcement comes as the British business daily Financial Times said on the basis of sources familiar with the matter that discussions were underway regarding a takeover of its competitor Flink.

Getir did not wish to comment Tuesday evening on this subject to AFP.

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