Microsoft: Employees Requested to Remove Slack and Use Home Mail

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Microsoft forbids employees to use Slack and other software

COMPETITION: Microsoft has provided a list of prohibited software for its employees

Microsoft forbids its employees to use Slack. The company has internally provided a list of software to ban the company, including the professional communication platform, competing directly with the Microsoft Teams tool, and which made a very good IPO on Friday.

Microsoft justifies this decision with a security argument, reports Geekwire relayed by Numerama. “Free, Standard and Plus Slack versions do not provide the controls needed to properly protect Microsoft’s intellectual property,” the company’s executives said in the document.

Prefer the house tool to the competing software

Employees are asked to migrate their conversation history and shared files to Microsoft Teams. According to the company, the house software offers the “same features”. Microsoft admits that Slack Enterprise is a good fit for cybersecurity, but the house spirit must take over. The firm encourages its employees to separate from “competing software”.

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Other software mentioned in the message includes Github, the collaborative platform for developers, or Grammarly, the spellchecker. Microsoft also warns Google Docs (Office’s competitor) or Amazon Web Services, which offers the same kind of features as the Microsoft Azure secure cloud platform.

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