Two helpline numbers have been set up over the Lactalis contaminated baby milk

Lactalis: Two Hotlines to Answer Questions

To respond to the many calls, call centres have been opened by Lactalis and the General Directorate for Health (DGS). They are led by health specialists. Salmonella: how the helpline numbers? To cope with the crisis of Salmonella that affects Lactalis products,  two hotlines have been installed, the Directorate General of Health (0800 636 636) and that of […]

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UFC Que Choisir to file compliant against Lactlalis

Salmonella: The UFC-Que Choisir will file a complaint against Lactalis

The consumer association UFC-Que Choisir announced Monday its intention to file a complaint against the Lactalis Group. 625 batches of baby milk produced by the food group are affected by a withdrawal from the market due to contamination with salmonella. After a father filed a complaint, it is the association of consumers UFC-Que Choisir announcement Monday […]

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Contaminated baby milk has placed Lactalis into the heart of the storm

Contaminated Baby Milk: Lactalis in the Heart of the Storm

Since the recall of 7000 tonnes of baby milk powder produced in Craon, the Lactalis group is facing a major crisis. And must respond to the concerns of parents whose children have been contaminated with the bacteria. Why ? How? How many tons of milk were contaminated with salmonella? On Sunday 10th December, 2017, the State did withdraw […]

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Government has announced Sunday in a statement the extension of measures for withdrawal and recall of infant nutrition products manufactured by the dairy group Lactalis in Craon (Mayenne).

Contaminated Baby Milk: Hundreds of Lactalis Products off the Shelves

The Government announced on Sunday in a statement an extension of withdrawal and recall measures of infant nutrition products manufactured by the dairy group Lactalis in Craon (Mayenne). Five new cases of salmonella were reported in infants this week. The withdrawal measures and recall of infant nutrition products manufactured by the dairy group Lactalis in Craon, […]

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Laval: 20,000 People Expected this Saturday for Christmas Light Switch On

Before the opening ceremony of the Christmas light switch on in Laval on Saturday 25th November, the town hall and the prefecture have planned to increase security. One hundred people will be mobilized. “This year, there will be no favoritism. “ Anthony Boukoucha, private secretary to the prefecture, sets the tone. The security plan will be rolled out during […]

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The decorations on the bridge Aristide Briand will be one of the star attractions of the Enlightenment in Laval.

Laval: The Spirit of Christmas Back with Illuminations

CHRISTMAS LIGHTS: Saturday 25th November is the night of the switch on of the lights of Laval, until the 8th January. This year, they have been designed and created on the theme of the lantern and the Christmas spirit. For the fourth consecutive time, it is the company Leblanc Illuminations has been chosen. “This is a truly […]

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Two electric charging points in Renazé

Renazé: Two Electric Charging Points Installed on the D 771

ENVIRONMENT: Jean-Yves Bourgine, restaurant manager of Tahiti, in Renazé (Mayenne) offers a possibility of charging for hybrid or electric vehicles Jean-Yves Bourgine, the restaurant manager of Tahiti, situated in Renazé (Mayenne) offers a possibility of charging for hybrid or electric vehicles. The two electrical terminals were installed by Cegelec company that offered the restaurateur service. Customers also […]

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The Super Shiva group will perform at the mediatheque on Saturday in Craon

Craon: The Super Shiva Group at Mediatheque on Saturday

The Tranzistour tour visits the media libraries of Mayenne who have the privilege of receiving the current local scene, in formats alternating musical delivery and discussion time. As part of this tour, the Mediatheque (multimedia library) of the Pays de Craon will host the group Super Shiva this Saturday. At the crossroads of vintage rock and […]

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Fuel shortages in Chateau-Gontier

Chateau-Gontier: Some Stations Short of Fuel

FUEL SHORTAGES: If Total or Intermarché have not been especially affected by the fuel shortage, Leclerc and Carrefour Market have been impacted in Chateau-Gontier … Since the morning of Monday 25th September,  the usual flow of cars to the Carrefour Market gas station is interrupted. The cause ? Motorists fearing diminishing fuel – due to the fuel […]

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René d'Anjou street is now accessible by Razilly Avenue towards the Saint-Rémi church in Chateau-Gontier

Chateau-Gontier: Rue René d’Anjou Has Changed Direction

Since Monday, September 4, rue Rene d’Anjou in Chateau-Gontier has regained its original meaning in the direction of the Saint-Rémi church. It is accessible by Razilly Avenue. Signs are there to remind the new drivers. “We arrived very early this morning for the return goes smoothly. “ The municipal police were present René d’Anjou street at 7am Monday 4th  […]

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