Baccalauréat 2015: What is forbidden, what is obligatory

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The rules of the Bac exam in France

The rules of the Bac exam in FranceIn two weeks, 680,000 candidates for the 2015 session baccalauréat commence on their first test …

With a week before the start of the baccalauréat, it is time for the candidates to revise the rules governing the exams.

The rules to respect

Students are not allowed to come with their hands in pockets on the day of the tests.  It is imperative to present his/her  identity card.  In case of loss or theft of their card, they will be asked to make a declaration to the police or gendarmerie and produce another official document with photo, to recognize the candidate.

If a candidate decides to not participate in the exam they are still not allowed to leave the examination room before the first hour has elapsed.  In the same logic, the outputs to the toilet are not allowed in the first hour in order not to disturb their fellow  candidates.  When they leave for the toilet, they still have to be accompanied by a supervisor.

The prohibitions do not take lightly

Any object that communicates with the outside is forbidden, as well as mobile phones, smart watches with have internet connection are not allowed as well.  Laptops must be switched off, and placed in the bag or handed to the supervisor.  And the smart kids who would try and keep a device on them will be disappointed as all the academies are equipped with portable detectors, randomly distributed and moved from one test to another.  However, pocket calculators are permitted unless otherwise stated.

Of course, normal thinks like talking in the tests, whether to yourself or aking a neighbour for a pen etc are also not allowed and could be classified as fraud.


The tolerances in case something happens

If the student is delayed and late to the exam, then the supervisor of the exam can allow them to enter, if it within the first hour, although they will not get any added time.

If a student is unable to attend due to illness or accident, then a replacement session is normally organised for September, although they need to put this in writing with supporting documents for the non attendance of the exam.



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