Contaminated Baby Milk: Hundreds of Lactalis Products off the Shelves

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Government has announced Sunday in a statement the extension of measures for withdrawal and recall of infant nutrition products manufactured by the dairy group Lactalis in Craon (Mayenne).

The Government announced on Sunday in a statement an extension of withdrawal and recall measures of infant nutrition products manufactured by the dairy group Lactalis in Craon (Mayenne). Five new cases of salmonella were reported in infants this week.

The withdrawal measures and recall of infant nutrition products manufactured by the dairy group Lactalis in Craon, Mayenne, will be extended to more than 600 products, has been learned that Sunday morning in a statement released by the Ministry of ‘Economy. Five new cases of salmonella have indeed been reported in infants this week.

620 references withdrawn rays

Lactalis had already recalled on December 2 last 12 references to infant formula . 608 additional references will be removed from the shelves, bringing the total number of products to 620.

Download:  The list of 620 references on the ministry’s website (PDF)

Download:  Recommendations of the French Society of Pediatrics (SFP) for replacing infant formulas the group Lactalis Nutrition Santé (LNS)

The Ministry of Economy and Finance, arguing that the measures taken by Lactalis are “not likely to control the risk of contamination” , asks parents “not to use” the products sold under the trademarks brands Milumel and Picot , but also Carrefour.


Bruno Le Maire, Minister of Economy and Finance, for the sake of safety, decided to suspend the marketing and export of several references to infant nutrition products, made in 2017 on the site of Craon (Mayenne) by LNS group (Lactalis), and ordered the recall, due to a risk of contamination with salmonella.

The reference list of relevant products is available on the website of the Ministry of Solidarity and Health: .Health officials are asking parents would still have boxes corresponding to these lots, as far as possible not to use them, whether new or already underway. Parents who would use a baby milk powder box affected by this withdrawal, recall should immediately change milk.


If it is really impossible for parents to find an alternative milks, SFP offers them to prepare a bottle with milk they own, then boil the milk for 2 minutes in a pan, let the cool and give it to their (s) baby (s) are waiting to find an alternative.

In any case, if their (s) child (s) has (have) symptoms of food poisoning (possibly with fever diarrhea), parents should contact a doctor as soon as possible. Meanwhile, a rehydration solution, available in pharmacies, may be given to the child to prevent dehydration due to significant fluid loss (many watery stools). Parents can also approach the pharmacies that have all the information about the lots.

The Directorate General of Health opens 0800 636 636. The call center is open 7 days 7 from 9h to 20h. It is intended to provide answers to questions from parents and health recommendations suitable.

Lactalis Nutrition Santé (LNS) maintains its hotline 0800 120 120 open. This phone platform to provide answers to parents about the recalled products is available continuously until Sunday, December 10 at 23h and then, from Monday, December 11th, from 9h to 20h. Moreover, information is also available on the websites: and .

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