Contaminated Baby Milk: Lactalis in the Heart of the Storm

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Contaminated baby milk has placed Lactalis into the heart of the storm

Since the recall of 7000 tonnes of baby milk powder produced in Craon, the Lactalis group is facing a major crisis. And must respond to the concerns of parents whose children have been contaminated with the bacteria.

Why ? How?

How many tons of milk were contaminated with salmonella?

On Sunday 10th December, 2017, the State did withdraw from sale the whole baby milk powder produced in the factory of Craon since the 15th February 2017. Either 600 references weighing 7000 tons. A first down 12 references had been withdrawn in early December. It was extended after the discovery of five new cases late last week.

In total, the milk powder is suspected to be the cause of the salmonella contamination twenty babies in France. Of the 7 000 tonnes, the Lactalis group can not say how much was consumed, how many are in stock or market.

Is the plant Craon alone affected by this salmonella problem?

The salmonella contamination comes from the factory only. For her, the blow is hard. For this is the second time she was hit by a salmonella problem. In 2005, the government had decided to withdraw the infant formula of the Picot brand and other milks made in Craon following the contamination of 123 children. At the time, the factory belonged to Célia group, before being bought a year later by the Lactalis Group.

What is the origin of the incident?

The survey conducted by the Fraud Prevention and Lactalis have shown that traces of salmonella were found on site.

Lactalis think the salmonella contamination from a drying tower used to dry the milk. According to the communication of the group, “the germ was born in the factory environment. It is not from the milk. “

What is undertaking Lactalis to solve this problem salmonella?

A cleaning and disinfection plan for the entire site, including tools, is underway. The plant, which emply 550 people, is stopped for the moment and Lactalis cannot say when it will restart. “This decision will be made after the approval of the health authorities. “

How is the milk into powder?

Raw milk comes from farms in the region, by the truckload, feed day and night the plant. The milk is first skimmed before being heated to very high temperatures and then concentrated. This milk is then placed in a drying tower and is converted into powder. Before packaging, vitamins and proteins are added.

How many tonnes of milk powder factory Craon she produces each year?

Boosted by global demand, production of milk powder was Craon from 15 000 to 45 000 tonnes per year, starting in 2012. It is hard to get more accurate figures from a group.

We only know that a significant part of this production goes to foreign markets, especially Algeria, Morocco, United Kingdom, Taiwan, Romania, Greece, Bangladesh, China, Peru, Georgia and Pakistan.  Moreover, in this case which was widely covered by the media in these countries who were also affected by the recall Lactalis products.

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