A 24 year old man has died in an accident near Châteaubriant

Châteaubriant: 24 Year Old Man Killed in Road Accident

A 24-year-old man made on a trip to Erbray (Loire-Atlantique) neat Châteaubriant, this Saturday 1st December, 2018. He hit a house and died instantly. A young man of 24, from Chartres-de-Bretagne (Ille-et-Vilaine)  has died in a road accident the road this Saturday 1st December 2018 just before 1am. The accident took place in Erbray (Loire-Atlantique), on the D163. The man was travelling […]

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A young 20 year old man was fatally hit by a car near Rennes

Near Rennes, A 20 Year Old Pedestrian Dies, Hit by a Car

A young man of 20 years died, Friday 1st December, after being hit by a car while walking along a country road in Chartres-de-Bretagne. A motorist fifty years has crashed fatally a young man of 20, Friday 1st December 2017, at Chartres-de-Bretagne , near Rennes (Ille-et-Vilaine) . The accident occurred on the D34 at between 4.30am to 5am, while the young […]

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