Near Rennes, A 20 Year Old Pedestrian Dies, Hit by a Car

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A young 20 year old man was fatally hit by a car near Rennes

A young man of 20 years died, Friday 1st December, after being hit by a car while walking along a country road in Chartres-de-Bretagne.

A motorist fifty years has crashed fatally a young man of 20, Friday 1st December 2017, at Chartres-de-Bretagne , near Rennes (Ille-et-Vilaine) .

The accident occurred on the D34 at between 4.30am to 5am, while the young man was walking along the main road.

The driver feels a shock

The motorist was driving to work when it struck the young man. If the driver feels a shock at the time, he did not realize he hit someone.

Arriving at work, he discovers that his right mirror was broken. Worried, he informs his supervisor. Together, the two men decided to return to the scene. There they take time before finding the precise location of the clash, said the gendarmerie of Rennes.

He discovered the body on the roadside

There, they discover the body of the young man on the grassy verge. Schooled at the Catholic University of Rennes, on the campus of Ker Lann, Bruz, the young man was not wearing a yellow vest and had dark clothes, in a context of adverse weather conditions, and where traffic can be quite busy on this road, said the police.

An investigation was opened by the police to determine, in particular, the reasons for the presence of the young man in this place and at this hour.

The driver, shocked, is being interviewed.

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