Seasonal flu kills 34 people in mainland France

Seasonal Flu has Killed 34 People in Mainland France

While attention is focused this winter on the new coronavirus from China, the seasonal flu epidemic continues in mainland France. The flu continues in France and has now caused 34 deaths among the more than 400 serious cases recorded in intensive care. The health agency Public Health France notes, in its inventory published Wednesday, a moderate increase in […]

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Children under two years are the first affected by bronchiolitis. The epidemic is underway in Normandy.

Normandy: The Bronchiolitis Epidemic Arrives, Babies, First Victims

HEALTH: As every year, the epidemic of bronchiolitis strikes first. In Normandy, it peaked in mid-December 2017. All of France is affected Before the flu and gastroenteritis, the bronchiolitis . Increased sharply since the end of November 2017, the epidemic has reached its maximum phase around December 6, in  Normandy . According to the latest epidemiological bulletin of Public Health France , released December 13, the […]

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