Normandy: The Bronchiolitis Epidemic Arrives, Babies, First Victims

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Children under two years are the first affected by bronchiolitis. The epidemic is underway in Normandy.

HEALTH: As every year, the epidemic of bronchiolitis strikes first. In Normandy, it peaked in mid-December 2017. All of France is affected

Before the flu and gastroenteritis, the bronchiolitis . Increased sharply since the end of November 2017, the epidemic has reached its maximum phase around December 6, in  Normandy . According to the latest epidemiological bulletin of Public Health France , released December 13, the numbers drop, but remain high.

Infants, particularly affected

Bronchiolitis is a viral disease that affects infants in the winter. Highly contagious, it is one of the three main winter epidemics, with influenza and gastroenteritis. At its highest since early December, bronchiolitis epidemic, however, begins to decline.

It is marked by various symptoms: dry cough, difficulty breathing or wheezing, mild fever, fatigue or exhaustion … It is usually a benign condition.

How to protect against bronchiolitis?

To protect your children cope with winter ailments including bronchiolitis, here are some precautions:

  • wash hands before touching a child;
  • avoid coughing on a baby and wear a mask when you are cold, in the presence of a child;
  • avoid kissing a baby’s face;
  • not to exchange baby bottles and pacifiers or other soft toys with other children;
  • in autumn and winter, avoid bringing babies in smoky places and where they may be in contact with people with colds (shopping centers, transport …);
  • do not expose children to tobacco smoke and properly ventilate the room every day;
  • Finally, cluttering the nose of the infant with saline for colds.

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