Marine Le Pen calls for border controls between France and Italy due to the Coronavirus

Coronavirus: Right and Far Right Demand Border Controls

The six dead in Italy raise fears of a spread of the coronavirus epidemic in our country to several French politicians. Eric Ciotti, Marine Le Pen and Nicolas Dupont-Aignan are asking the government to take action. Right, and far-right politicians are demanding controls at the French borders with Italy, where a sixth person died of the coronavirus . […]

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Coronavirus. No suspension of the Schengen area envisaged by the European Commission

Coronavirus: No Suspension of the Schengen Area envisaged by the European Commission

Faced with the outbreak of the new coronavirus in Italy, any re-establishment of border controls inside the EU will have to meet strict conditions, the European Commission said on Monday. 232 million euros of European funding will also be mobilized to help the Member States. No suspension of the free movement of goods and people in […]

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A solution on Brexit within 30 days possible according to Emmanuel Macron

Brexit: Emmanuel Macron Considers Possible a Solution within 30 days “In the Framework of what has been Negotiated”

BREXIT AGREEMENT: Stumbling on the “backstop”, Ireland’s controversial clause in Brexit agreement negotiated between London and Brussels, but rejected by British Parliament The French president received this Thursday the British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, at the Elysee Palace. Emmanuel Macron said he believes that “collective intelligence” should find “something smart within 30 days” about an agreement […]

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With Brexit, London promises never to restore physical checks at Irish border

Brexit: London Promises Never to Restore Physical Checks at Irish Border

The new UK prime minister, Boris Johnson has tried to reassure Ireland as he promises a Brexit without agreement by 31st October. The British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said Tuesday his Irish counterpart Leo Varadkar that his government was determined to “never” recover from physical checks to the Irish border after Brexit announced Downing Street in a […]

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Due to Terrorist Threat, France is to maintain Border Controls

Terrorist Threat: France will Maintain the Border Controls until 30th April

Initially planned until October 31st, border controls will be extended until April 30, 2018 in France. The reason: “persistence” of the terrorist threat. France will maintain until the 30th April, 2018 border controls reinstated on the evening of the attacks of the 13th November 2015, arguing that the continued  “persistence” of the terrorist threat , we have learned this Thursday […]

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Nicolas Sarkozy visiting the port of Calais

Calais: Nicolas Sarkozy promises a complete renegotiation of the Le Touquet Agreement

The former tenant of the Elysee, and candidate for the primary of the right to the presidential election of 2017, is visiting Wednesday morning to Calais. After visiting the port in the early morning, Nicolas Sarkozy went to Town Hall for a discussion on the migratory situation in the town. Nicolas Sarkozy visited the port of Calais […]

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Since border controls have been re-introduced, 6000 people have been refused entry

Border Controls: Over 6,000 People Refused Entry in Two Months

French Border Controls, exceptionally restored to reinforce security ahead of the COP21, were maintained after the attacks of November 13 … Since the reintroduction of  French border controls on November 13, 2015, over 6,000 people were turned away, said the Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve on Friday on the sidelines of a visit to Annemasse. 12 […]

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There has been delays as checkpoints at the borders have been strengthened

Border controls: Important checkpoints in the North on the A22

Control of the Franco-Belgian border, decided after the attacks in Paris, caused the checkpoints on Monday morning … Not surprisingly. The strengthening of border controls, announced by François Holland following the terrorist attacks in Paris, has caused significant delays on Monday morning on the A22 motorway. Up to 9 km of traffic jams were recorded […]

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Francois Hollande - Europe must have control of its borders

Francois Hollande. Europe “must uphold its borders”

Francois Hollande to demand registration centers in Greece, Italy and Hungary so that “Europe can enforce its borders,” said Francois Hollande On the sidelines of his visit to Vesoul, President Hollande said that France and Germany will be “extremely urgent” for the setting up of control and registration centers at the borders of the European […]

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