Border Controls: Over 6,000 People Refused Entry in Two Months

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Since border controls have been re-introduced, 6000 people have been refused entry

French Border Controls, exceptionally restored to reinforce security ahead of the COP21, were maintained after the attacks of November 13 …

Since the reintroduction of  French border controls on November 13, 2015, over 6,000 people were turned away, said the Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve on Friday on the sidelines of a visit to Annemasse.

12 million people checked

“To date, 6167 people were turned away from the border controls because of the risk they presented for the safety and public order. Overall, more than 12 million people were checked, “said the minister in a speech sent to AFP. In late November, the Minister announced that “about 1,000 people” were prevented from entering the territory.

This measure had been implemented exceptionally on Friday, November 13 as part of a series of measures to strengthen security upstream of the international climate conference, the COP21, which began two weeks later in the presence of some 150 Heads of State and Government. Hours later, jihadists had perpetrated the deadliest attacks in the country’s history (130 dead) and the government, which declared a state of emergency, had decided to extend such controls “as long as the threat terrorist subsist “.

“Since the establishment of the state of emergency in two months, more than 3,000 searches were conducted, which resulted in the seizure of more than 500 weapons, 50 weapons of war”, also recalled Bernard Cazeneuve, stating that the police had “carried nearly 400 arrests and 400 house arrest.”

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