Lea Salame Arrested in Paris for Driving without a License and Iinsurance

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Lea Salame arrested in paris for driving without a Valid licence and insurance

The journalist was detained in the seventh arrondissement …

Lea Salame arrested this Monday afternoon in her car during a routine traffic stop in the seventh arrondissement of Paris, reports Le Parisien Wednesday.

Police reportedly discovered that the car of the journalist and columnist for France 2 was not insured, but also that her driving license had been cancelled.

Taken for questioning

Indeed, Lea Salame driving licence had been withdrawn because off all its points, understands the daily, adding that the police took her to the police station for questioning.  As a sanction, she will be fined in the coming weeks via a penal order.

According to Article 223-5 of the Highway Code, quoted by Le Figaro , driving with an invalid license is punishable by two years imprisonment and a fine of € 4,500.  Other penalties may also be imposed, such as license suspension for three years or prohibition from driving certain motor vehicles.

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