Trélazé: Man Assaulted with a Butcher Knife

Local News
Police arrived to an apartment in Trélazé, to find a man with four stab wounds

A man received four stab wounds on Saturday night in Trélazé. The alleged perpetrator was arrested.

Saturday evening, around 10pm at Trélazé, a woman called the police.  On arriving at the scene, at Pierre-Timbaud street, not far from the town hall, in Trélazé, they discovered in the apartment of a house, a man covered in blood.

Four stab wounds

He has just received four stab wounds. “A butcher knife with a 20cm blade,” said a source close to the investigation. The man, aged 37, is severely affected: many of his organs, including the lungs, are perforated.


The alleged perpetrator was arrested and placed in custody.  Aged 35 years old and suffering from schizophrenia. The next day they were admitted to Hospital.

The victim, was hospitalized at the University Hospital of Angers. His prognosis is no longer thought to be life threatening.

Alcohol Involved

It is thought from initial findings that alcohol had a large part to play.  Attempted murder due to alcohol.  The accused had a blood alcohol level of 2.5 g / l of blood.

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