Wearing a mask is now compulsory in enclosed public places in six municipalities in Mayenne.

Mayenne: Wearing a Mandatory Mask in Six Municipalities

The prefecture of Mayenne has just issued a decree requiring the wearing of masks in enclosed public places in six municipalities. New decision to try to reduce the circulation of the coronavirus in Mayenne, the prefecture took a decree making compulsory the wearing of the mask in closed public places, that is establishments receiving the public, of six communes. These […]

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A car hit a fire hydrant at Bonchamp

Bonchamp: Car Struck a Fire Hydrant on the Road to Argentré

This Sunday 16 October, around 9 am, a car crashed into a fire hydrant at the bottom of a curve, on the road to Argentré near the roundabout in Bonchamp Firefighters are involved at the moment, for a car hit a fire hydrant.  It hit a fire hydrant while travelling towards Argentré, on the main […]

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A Motorist died in a tragic accident on the A81 near Laval

A Motorist was Killed on the A81 near Laval

A fatal accident occurred on Saturday morning on the Paris-Rennes Motorway, near to the service area of ​​Bonchamp-lès-Laval. The driver, the sole occupant, died. A motorist who is aged about thirty years, died on Saturday 9th April on the A81.  The accident occurred at about 6:20am , at kilometer marker 241, close to Bonchamp-lès-Laval rest area heading […]

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