A Motorist was Killed on the A81 near Laval

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A Motorist died in a tragic accident on the A81 near Laval

A fatal accident occurred on Saturday morning on the Paris-Rennes Motorway, near to the service area of ​​Bonchamp-lès-Laval. The driver, the sole occupant, died.

A motorist who is aged about thirty years, died on Saturday 9th April on the A81.  The accident occurred at about 6:20am , at kilometer marker 241, close to Bonchamp-lès-Laval rest area heading in the direction of Paris. The vehicle struck the guardrail in circumstances that still remain unclear. The driver, who died, was in the car. The highway was closed at the time whilst rescue services attended the vehicle and a detour has been set up via the service station. This brings the number of fatalities on the roads in the Mayenne department to four deaths since the beginning of the year.

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