Over 750,000 students start their Baccalauréat exams today in France

Baccalauréat: Exams Starts for 753,000 Candidates

This Monday, 753,000 Lycee students of Première or Terminale will take the exam of philosophy or French for the baccalaureate, with the strike at the SNCF in full flow The 750,000 or so baccalaureate candidates , including the youngest candidate in the history of this exam, are preparing to start on Monday on the Philo or French exams , kicks off […]

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The rules of the Bac exam in France

Baccalauréat 2015: What is forbidden, what is obligatory

In two weeks, 680,000 candidates for the 2015 session baccalauréat commence on their first test … With a week before the start of the baccalauréat, it is time for the candidates to revise the rules governing the exams. The rules to respect Students are not allowed to come with their hands in pockets on the day of the tests.  It […]

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The baccalauret is still held recognized highly by the French

For two thirds of the French, the baccalauréat is still useful today

Baccalauréat still useful today? Two-thirds of French people believe, according to a poll published Monday on directmatin.fr. Is the baccalauréat (Bac) still useful today?  Two-thirds of French people believe so, according to a poll published yesterday, Monday on directmatin.fr. Of those asked the question, 66% of the French say they still have an attachment to […]

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Baccalauréat : Programmable Calculators to be banned in 2018 1

Baccalauréat : Programmable Calculators to be banned in 2018

The department of Education has made a decision that for the 2018 baccauréat, programmable calculators are to be banned from the exams.  Students will have a choice to use either college calculators or special calculators which will incorporate an ‘exam’ button which will not allow access to the built in memory and stored equations. Concern has […]

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