Baccalauréat: Exams Starts for 753,000 Candidates

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Over 750,000 students start their Baccalauréat exams today in France

This Monday, 753,000 Lycee students of Première or Terminale will take the exam of philosophy or French for the baccalaureate, with the strike at the SNCF in full flow

The 750,000 or so baccalaureate candidates , including the youngest candidate in the history of this exam, are preparing to start on Monday on the Philo or French exams , kicks off this week of marathon against the backdrop of the SNCF strike. .

While the railway workers’ strike could lead to transport difficulties for candidates going to their TER examination center, the Minister of Higher Education Frédérique Vidal called on Sunday not to add “stress to stress”.

In full strike of the SNCF

“We fully understand the right to strike, the subject is not there,” said the minister. “But do not penalize young people that day.”

One of the railway unions, the CFDT, decided to partially suspend the movement during the two days of strike planned during the Baccalauréat eams (Monday and Friday), at least on TER and RER.

For its part, the SNCF has reactivated a device aimed in particular to ensure the strategic trains in the morning and to guide the students.

“At the same time, we will charter replacement buses if necessary,” added Mathias Vicherat, deputy managing director of SNCF.In the field, the SNCF intends to deploy some 3000 people to pamper the candidates. “Red vests” with the “SNCF Exams” badge will be present in 200 stations to guide them.

As every year, the Philo is the first written test for candidates for general (53% of applicants) and technological (21%). Lycee students in vocational training (26%) pass French.

First-year students in the technological or general fields, or 537,000 candidates, will take the written test of French in the afternoon.

A record number of candidates

Special feature of this 2018 edition: the events take place during the World Cup, with a match of France Thursday (against Peru).

This year they are 753 148 high school students and free candidates to pass the Baccalauréat in 4635 exam centers. A record number, up 5% from 2017, due to the baby boom of the year 2000 and an increase in the rate of access to this level of diploma.

Among them, a student of 11 years and ten months, the youngest candidate for this exam. From her, we just know that she is educated in Paris and has a scientific baccalaureate. Her parents wanted to preserve her from the curiosity of the media.

Candidates must present themselves on time, with the convocation and the identity card. In case of loss or theft of the latter, it will be requested a receipt of the statement to the police or gendarmerie and another official document with photo, to recognize the candidate.

In the event of a momentary lapse of the card, do not panic: you can present another identity document and report “as soon as possible” his identity card to comply. This may be the next day on the occasion of the passage of another test.

Parcoursup suspended

For the duration of the bac exams, the Parcoursup platform is suspended, “so that candidates can fully concentrate on their revisions and tests,” says the Ministry of Higher Education. No proposals and no update of waiting lists from Monday until Tuesday, June 26, date of resumption of the procedure.

During this week, young people can however respond to proposals received before Monday. It should also be noted that the deadlines for replies are also suspended.

The 26th of June marks the beginning of the complementary phase, which allows candidates who have no proposal or who are not satisfied with the answers obtained to make new wishes on places that are still available.

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