For two thirds of the French, the baccalauréat is still useful today

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The baccalauret is still held recognized highly by the French
The baccalauret is still held  recognized highly by the French
A high school student in the baccalauréat in 2014 in Strasbourg – Frederick Florin AFP

Baccalauréat still useful today? Two-thirds of French people believe, according to a poll published Monday on

Is the baccalauréat (Bac) still useful today?  Two-thirds of French people believe so, according to a poll published yesterday, Monday on

Of those asked the question, 66% of the French say they still have an attachment to the Bac and value its importance and this opinion increases with age of those asked.  Only 53% of 18-24 year olds consider that the Bac is useful while 77 % of those aged over 65 years old agree on the importance of the exam.

The executives and professionals still highly regard the exam and defend it, with 73% of them in favour for it and defending it, whilst workers and employees, don’t think the same with only 53% of workers and 57% of employees hold it in the same regard.

Politically, members of the left and the right mainstream parties hold similar views in favour of the Bac, with 77% of the Left and 70% of the right in favour of the exam and the importance of it, whereas members close to the Front Nationale, only 42% believe in usefulness.

This online survey was conducted by CSA for free Direct Matin daily from the 8th to the 10th April on a representative national sample of 997 people aged 18 years and older.

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