The Covid-19 coronavirus epidemic has just claimed a fourth victim in France. The first in Brittany in the Morbihan department.

Coronavirus: First Death in Brittany, Fourth in France

The Covid-19 coronavirus epidemic has just claimed a fourth victim in France. The first in Brittany in the Morbihan department. The coronavirus Covid-19 has just made a fourth victim in France, the first in Brittany, in the department of Morbihan. The information was announced Tuesday by the Ministry of Health, while the bar of 200 confirmed cases was exceeded. 92-year-old man “This […]

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Shops in Morbihan, authorised to open ion Sunday in December

Morbihan: Shops Authorised to Open on December

An order was made for the opening of shops and some commercial areas and town centres in Morbihan on Sunday 2nd and 9th December 2018. A decision motivated by the “consequent loss of turnover as the holidays approach” , in connection with the mobilisation of yellow vests since November 17th. The prefect of Morbihan, Raymond […]

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Ouibus has just added three lines and two new destinations in Brittany

Ouibus Launches Three New Bus Routes in Brittany

From April 2018, Ouibus added three spring lines in Brittany, including one between Rennes and Laval. And opens two new destinations: Lamballe and Auray. OUIBUS , which offers trips by bus France and Europe, adapts its network to the demand of travelers by setting up seasonal lines, with even more destinations accessible in Brittany for the spring of 2018. From April, […]

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Found in a cellar in Brittany, the picture of an Indonesian master sold more than 7 million euros

Brittany: Found in a Cellar, the Picture of an Indonesian Master Sold for More than 7 Million Euros

This is a world record for the artist. A painting from the Indonesian painter Raden Saleh, found in a house in Auray, was sold 7.2 million euros on Saturday 27th January in Vannes. The work was sleeping in the basement of a house in  Auray , near Vannes (Morbihan) for years. Saturday 27th January, 2018,  Hunt wild bull , the Indonesian painter  Raden Saleh , […]

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15000 homes without power in Quiberon after Carmen Storm

Carmen Storm: 15,000 Homes Without Power in Quiberon

Of the 25,000 homes without power in Morbihan, 15,000 are located on the Quiberon peninsula. According to the latest news, 15,000 homes were without electricity on the Quiberon peninsula. Carmen storm would have caused the failure of a power line. Technicians Enedis will get down to restore power from the beginning of the afternoon because of […]

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The list of 80 candidates for the legislative elections for Brittany has been released

Legislative: 80 Candidates Formalized in Brittany!

Here is the list of candidates in the legislative elections of the 11th and 18th June in the six constituencies of Morbihan, Brittany. The presentation takes into account the order established by lot to the prefecture. 1st district of Vannes-Sarzeau Laurence Dumas (OLB), substitute Loïc Horse. Hervé Pellois (LREM), Deputy Bérengère Delion-Le Gars. David Vigent (PA), alternate Quentin Desages. Laurent […]

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Trinidad Porhoët: Over a thousand People Welcome Marine Le Pen 1

Trinidad Porhoët: Over a thousand People Welcome Marine Le Pen

The Front National candidate Marine Le Pen has concluded the first day of her Breton journey by a speech Thursday, late afternoon, on a dairy farm in Trinidad Porhoët front of over 1000 people. One hour, including bath crowd. This is the time it took for Marine Le Pen to galvanize the crowd came to […]

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Meteo France has placed the Morbihan in orange alert

Weather in Morbihan: Orange Alert for Strong Winds and Wave Submersion

WEATHER: Meteo France placed the Morbihan in orange alert for strong winds, from 9 pm till midday Friday … The maximum gusts could reach 110 to 120 km/h on the coast or 130 km/h near exposed headlands. Inland, it will reach 90 to 100 km/h with peaks of up to 110 km/h. There is also a significant […]

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The lack of rainfall in the Morbihan is a concern

Morbihan: Already Preventive Measures as lack of Rain Continues

It does not rain enough. The rainfall deficit recorded since June 2016 generated a low water – minimum flow of the rivers – in mid-August. “Its effects are still being felt,” said Françoise Jéhanno, General Services yesterday in Vannes, at the trade union committee of Eau du Morbihan, the public drinking water. “It was low flow […]

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