Morbihan: Shops Authorised to Open on December

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Shops in Morbihan, authorised to open ion Sunday in December

An order was made for the opening of shops and some commercial areas and town centres in Morbihan on Sunday 2nd and 9th December 2018. A decision motivated by the “consequent loss of turnover as the holidays approach” , in connection with the mobilisation of yellow vests since November 17th.

The prefect of Morbihan, Raymond Le Deun, has taken a prefectural opening on Sundays 2 and 9 December 2018 shops in some commercial areas and city centers of Morbihan.

A decision motivated, according to the prefecture, by  “  the very sharp decline in attendance on November 17th in shops located in commercial areas, business parks, craft areas and industrial areas resulting in a significant loss of their turnover as the holidays approach the end of the year . But also  “it is in the interest of these businesses to limit the economic impact and to promote the maintenance of employment.”

Targeted sectors

A decision taken after a favorable opinion of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Morbihan, Chamber of Crafts and Crafts of Morbihan, CFDT, CPME 56, U2P, Medef Morbihan and the favorable opinion of the mayors.

However, the sectors concerned are targeted by this decree:

Vannes. Commercial areas of Kerlann, Lann Park, Fourchêne, Luscanen and Kerthomas-Copernicus area, industrial area of ​​the Prat.

Saint-Ave / Vannes. Zone of Three Kings.

Theix-Noyalo. Atlantheix business area, Saint-Léonard and Landy area.

Auray. Commercial zones of Kerbois, Porte-Océane and Toul-Garros.

Lanester. Commercial zones of Zulio and Lann-Sevelin; areas of Kerviec, Kerrous and Manebos; artisanal area Lann-Gazec; industrial zone of Kerpont.

Hennebont. Commercial area of ​​Gardeloupe and Intermarché shopping center (11, avenue François-Mitterrand).

Ploërmel. Commercial areas of Lac, Saint-Antoine and Saint-Denis; Boulevard Laennec.

Pontivy. Commercial area of ​​Saint-Niel, Avenue des Cités-United, Albert-de-Mun street, Pont-er-Morh business park.

Noyal-Pontivy. Zone of activities of Saint-Niel, zone of Gohélève.

Saint-Thuriau. Business Park Lann-Vélin.

Six city centers concerned

Town centers of the municipalities of Pontivy, Ploërmel, Auray, Lanester, Hennebont, Vannes.

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