Trinidad Porhoët: Over a thousand People Welcome Marine Le Pen

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Trinidad Porhoët: Over a thousand People Welcome Marine Le Pen 1

The Front National candidate Marine Le Pen has concluded the first day of her Breton journey by a speech Thursday, late afternoon, on a dairy farm in Trinidad Porhoët front of over 1000 people.

One hour, including bath crowd. This is the time it took for Marine Le Pen to galvanize the crowd came to hear Trinidad Porhoët Thursday night.

It is in this small village of 800 souls that the President of the Front National has concluded the first day of her Breton journey. The candidate in the presidential election held its public meeting at a dairy producer based in the locality Launay-Gland. Pile hair in central Brittany.

Over 1000 people listened to Marine Le penA geography that owes nothing to chance. Here, the FN vote was ten points higher than the average Breton in 2012. A trend that has only amplified over the local elections in the territory. And that has not escaped the president of the Front National. “This is a region that was said to stubborn patriot movement. This is not true obviously, she said immediately […] Our message is more in tune with the expectations of people who thirst for change. “

More than a thousand people massed, french flag in hand, to listen, under the shed fitted out for the occasion. Two thousand activists and supporters according to organizers. For many farmers disappointed, “sensitive to its analysis of the agricultural world,” according to a pensioner.Beside him, another ensures that this is the “Europe problem. We must leave. It will solve lots of problems “ .

It is to them that the candidate came to speak. There are potential votes to win in the Breton agricultural suffering world. No way to miss at least a month of the first round. “Our agriculture becomes a minefield. Many survive on a few hundred euros, “ said Marine Le Pen. Brussels and Berlin in the sights. Blame it on Europe after she “that delicate French agriculture” . She then ginned proposals: refusal Free Trade Treaty, aid for young farmers, farm transmission … All its unencrypted promises were widely applauded by the principal concerned.

The far-right candidate has completed the issue of crime. Without hesitation, she has targeted migrants as key officials. “Their arrival is not there for nothing. “ In response, the audience repeatedly chanted  :” We’re home. “

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