Brittany: Found in a Cellar, the Picture of an Indonesian Master Sold for More than 7 Million Euros

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Found in a cellar in Brittany, the picture of an Indonesian master sold more than 7 million euros

This is a world record for the artist. A painting from the Indonesian painter Raden Saleh, found in a house in Auray, was sold 7.2 million euros on Saturday 27th January in Vannes.

The work was sleeping in the basement of a house in  Auray , near Vannes (Morbihan) for years. Saturday 27th January, 2018,  Hunt wild bull , the Indonesian painter  Raden Saleh , was sold 7.2 million in the auction of Vannes. A world record for the artist .

A record in Britain

Jack-Philippe Ruellan, the auctioneer who identified the table says about , website specialised in publishing ad sales by public auction, it is also a record in the history of auction in Brittany:

“I did not expect such a beautiful award. Especially since it’s a triple record: for the artist, for an Indonesian painting auctioned and for public sales in Brittany.”

“A hero in Indonesia”

The auctioneer had answered the call of an inhabitant of Auray who wanted to get rid of that table become too cumbersome in the summer of 2017. Without doubt he possessed a real treasure.

The painting had been sent by his father who himself had received his inheritance by his great aunt, married to a wealthy diplomat. The couple was very lucky and was traveling around the world to South Asia.

Little known in France, the Indonesian painter Raden Saleh is nonetheless considered “a major figure of the Romantic art of the XIX th century.”

He is a hero in Indonesia. A monument was erected in his honor near Jakarta. Its popularity is comparable to that of Delacroix in France.

The painter was particularly renowned for his depictions of exotic animals and large hunts.

Estimated between 150,000 and 200,000

Proof of the reputation of the painter, the  National Gallery in Singapore devotes until March 11, 2018 a major retrospective. Before the sale, the auctioneer had also visited the country of origin of the artist.

I went to Singapore a fortnight to present the work and met a dozen bidders from Southeast Asia who were able to position themselves with confidence. They were determined to recover this major work of their heritage.

Estimated between 150,000 and 200,000, the painting finally reached the insane sum of 7.2 million euros.

“They were still three to fight to 6.5 million and it is finally a group of Indonesian collectors in this room who has acquired the canvas.”

Collectors who will be able to bring  Hunting wild bull in his country.

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