Morbihan: Already Preventive Measures as lack of Rain Continues

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The lack of rainfall in the Morbihan is a concern

It does not rain enough. The rainfall deficit recorded since June 2016 generated a low water – minimum flow of the rivers – in mid-August. “Its effects are still being felt,” said Françoise Jéhanno, General Services yesterday in Vannes, at the trade union committee of Eau du Morbihan, the public drinking water. “It was low flow is observed in late summer. “

Preventive management of stocks of raw water in the dams (Lake of Guerlédan), old quarries (for Ellé) or groundwater was introduced. preventive management which also requires adaptation of the interconnections and security networks to share resources and ensure continuity of service.


However, Françoise Jéhanno believes that “the situation does not pose a short-term problem” .In contrast, what will it be for spring and summer?

“In case of rising water tables, the samples will be carried on surface water, increasing the pressure on watercourses potentially low flows. The vigilance is required, “A drought committee met on January 31 in Prefecture, will take additional measures.

More efficient household

Good news, however: since 2012, the overall volume of water used is stagnant, despite an increase in subscribers, which now is approaching 110 000 to 224 member municipalities

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