Anti Terrorism Law: What are the Measures that will Replace the State of Emergency?

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New antit terrorism law, but what will replace state of emergency in France

TERRORISM: The Senate followed the recommendations of its Committee on Legislation, which met last week …

The Senate adopted that night. The anti-terrorism bill has been approved by the Upper House, with amendments proposed by the Committee on Laws, replacing on the 1st November, the next state of emergency, already renewed six times since the attacks of November 2015.

If he was not on campaign promises of Macron candidate , the government very quickly drew his anti-terrorist arsenal. What worries a large segment of lawyers, as Mireille Delmas-Marty, who told Europe 1: “The current situation is to say [that] the danger may not be imminent, but it is permanent. 

The searches and seizures

What are the concrete administrative searches and they are considered the worst offenders. With this device, people suspected of terrorist activity or dating are likely to be affected by these “search and seizure”, decided in advance by the judge of freedoms and detention.  It will always be possible to challenge these devices in the ordinary courts.

Individual surveillance measures

These are actually former house arrest. They are the prefect of the initiative, first to notify the prosecutor, and are set for a period of three months, renewable. However, these assignments may concern a smaller territory than the town. Will be concerned “any person in respect of whom there are serious reasons to believe that his behavior is a threat of particular gravity for security and public order.” The assigned person can also be fitted with an electronic bracelet, and will point to three times a week to the police.

Both measures were limited in time by the Law Committee of the Senate. These provisions may be taken until 31st December 2021 and should be subject to an annual evaluation of their effectiveness, as validated senators.

Administrative closures of places of worship

In the limit of six months maximum, places of worship can be closed if they “cause the commission of acts of terrorism in France or abroad, incite violence or glamorises such acts.” This is the prefect who can make such a decision to “activities”, the “About”, “ideas” or “theories” of a terrorist nature.

Protection areas of a space or event

On the outskirts of the sites’ subject to a risk “of terrorist attacks, the prefect may order these protection areas where public and vehicles are subject to filtering with searches and pat-downs.

The extension of the NRP to maritime passengers

The monitoring system data of passenger name records, said NRP , created and endorsed in April 2016 by the European Parliament, is extended to travel agencies and shipping companies.

Listening to authorized radio communications

The bill establishes a new legal framework to allow intelligence agencies to access all digital communications.

Keep some civil liberties, really?

Also note that the controls in border areas are widened and the agents of the SNCF and the RATP will now have the right to transmit real-time video of their images, if their security is threatened.

Finally, the Law Committee of the Senate had rejected a measure that it deemed too draconian: communication electronic contacts to the authorities of any person under house arrest. A smokescreen?

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