Are We Really Finished with the State of Emergency?

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The Anti terrorism law will replace the state of emergency

SECURITY: The state of emergency ends Wednesday 1st November. However, it will still be possible to use in the future to this alternative system …

  • President Hollande has declared a state of emergency in the night of November 13, 2015.
  • In force for almost two years, it will end Wednesday.

France will have lived under the state of emergency during 719 days. Almost two years. A record since its inception in 1955. “Usually, it is in effect for a few days, or a maximum of a few weeks,” explained Michel Lascombe, constitutional law professor at Sciences-Po Lille. Declared in the night of 13 November 2015, the state of emergency will be lifted on Wednesday as promised by Emmanuel Macron during the presidential campaign. He has replaced it by an anti-terrorism law that has as president to ensure “full security” of the French.

23 months under the state of emergency

In 23 months the state of emergency allowed to seize 625 weapons including 78 war weapons “and thwart major attacks, one against a rally during the presidential campaign,” said earlier this week the Minister of the Interior. But it has not prevented several attacks being committed, such as Nice which left 86 dead. 4,300 administrative searches were conducted and 600 imposed house arrest. In addition, 11 places of worship have been closed and 41 people are still under house arrest.

The law, signed by Emmanuel Macron Monday, transposes in part in the common law several measures of emergency. The scope of assignments will now extend to at least the territory of the municipality, instead of home alone, to allow the person to continue his work and family life. He must report to the police once a day, three times as against the state of emergency. Moreover, we no longer talk of “administrative search” but of  “visits” decided by the prefect after authorization from the judge of freedoms and detention of the Paris Court, with possible seizures.

Skip to “top notch”

Therefore, what will now serve the state of emergency? His appeal will “always possible” in the event of major new attack in France, had said Gérard Collomb in a interview. This would, somehow, to move to “top notch”. “On the 14th July 2016, François Hollande announced the suspension of the regime from the next day. But it was ultimately maintained because of the Nice attack, “says Michel Lascombe. The administrative authority could again implement the measures that the law governing the state of emergency permits.

Since November 2015, the Parliament has extended six times, particularly in spring 2016 to secure the Tour de France and the Euro-2016. It was extended again after the attack of Nice , then again to cover the presidential and legislative elections. Since the election of Emmanuel Macron, the Parliament has renewed it on the 6th July, to allow the time to prepare the new anti-terrorism law.

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