Coronavirus in Toulouse: Man Kills Two of his Dogs Fighting on his Balcony

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Coronavirus in Toulouse: Man kills two of his dogs fighting on his balcony

CONTAINMENT: A man is in police custody in Toulouse after opening fire on his dogs who were fighting on his balcony whilst under coronavirus confinement

In the unusual silence of confinement, gunshots rang out this Sunday morning in the Guihemery district  of  Toulouse. Alerted by the neighbourhood, the police went to an apartment on avenue Jean-Rieux where they arrested a man who had actually opened fire. Towards his dogs, who apparently were fighting on the balcony of the family apartment and which he decided to calm down drastically.

Police sources said two dogs died, one instantly, the other from his injuries.

The current investigation, entrusted to the investigators of the departmental safety, will tell the part of the stress due to coronavirus confinement in this loss of composure. At the end of the afternoon, the shooter was still in police custody at the central police station in Toulouse.

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