Lady Gaga’s Two Dogs Kidnapped, the Dog-Sitter Shot in “Stable” Condition

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Lady Gaga's two dogs kidnapped, the dog-sitter shot in "stable" condition

HOLLYWOOD: Los Angeles Police called for witnesses to locate the two suspects as the singer offered $ 500,000 to have her animals returned to her

At this point, the LAPD does not know if the suspects knew who owned the two French bulldogs they kidnapped. Two dogs belonging to Lady Gaga were stolen on Wednesday evening in the heart of Hollywood, and the dog-sitter who was walking them was seriously injured by gunshot as he tried to resist.

On Thursday evening, Los Angeles police said he was in “stable” condition and called for witnesses to locate the fleeing suspects. In the morning, the singer, who is currently in Italy, offered a reward of $ 500,000 for the return of Koji and Gustav (middle and right in the photo below).


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Very popular, this breed of dog comes at a high price in Los Angeles: at a breeder, it takes between 3,000 and 9,000 dollars for a puppy. It is, therefore, possible that the “dognappers” targeted the dogs and not the star.

Lady Gaga promises 500.000 dollars

The USA Today newspaper and the TMZ celebrity website published a video captured by the surveillance camera of a neighbour of the attack. The dog-walker walks the star’s three dogs, kept on a leash when two men get out of a white Nissan in a residential Hollywood neighbourhood. Immediately they try to catch two of the dogs, one each. The victim tries to resist and screams. It was then that one of the suspects pulled out a semi-automatic pistol and fired. The two men then fled behind the wheel of the Nissan. The singer’s third dog, Miss Asia, is recovered by the police who arrived on the spot.

According to TMZ, Lady Gaga offered a reward of $ 500,000 by promising to “not ask questions” so that her Frenchies would be returned to her unharmed. An absurd amount for the common man, but Forbes estimates the amount of the fortune of the American singer at nearly 150 million dollars.

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