Singer Demi Lovato is back in the studio

Demi Lovato’s Manager Announces Hers Return to the Studio

MUSIC: “Tell Me You Love Me”, Demi Lovato last album, dates back to 2017 Demi Lovato is back in the studio and everything suggests that she is working on the highly anticipated successor to Tell Me You Love Me , her latest album which dates back to 2017. It is Scooter Braun, the singer’s manager but also that of […]

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The Beatles, Ringo Starr and Paul McCartney

Ringo Starr Brings the Beatles Together on his New Album

MUSIC:  The singer, Ringo Starr, has surrounded himself with his loved ones for his latest album In his latest album, What’s My Name, Ringo Starr has a great surprise for Beatles fans. The drummer of the mythical group has indeed managed to gather all the members on the same title. How? ‘Or’ What? On the song Grow Old With Me , written by  John […]

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Guns N 'Roses: Slash confirms the new album

Guns N ‘Roses: Slash Confirms the New Album

The speculations were numerous and now we have the confirmation by Slash himself, the Guns N ‘Roses are currently working on a new album! It’s been since 1993 that Slash, Duff McKagan and Axl Roses and the album The Spaghetti Incident? who have not been reunited on an opus of Guns N ‘Roses . The early fans (and others) have […]

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The singer Avril Lavigne officially announces her return

The Singer Avril Lavigne Officially Announces Her Return

MUSIC: The singer, Avril Lavigne who has struggled for many months against Lyme disease, is back with a new album .. A rumour even gave her dead and replaced by a look-alike. After being very discreet in recent years, Avril Lavigne is back with a sixth studio album. A few months ago, the singer had wanted to silence the many […]

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Shakira lost inspiration after the birth of her children

Shakira has Lost Inspiration after the Birth of her Children

MUSIC: The Colombian struggled back to work … After four singles, Shakira has finally unveiled last week her new album, El Dorado, an album that was not easy to write. After the birth of her two children, Milan and Sasha, the singer took time to be with them. “I started a family, and this is the most wonderful thing, the most […]

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The Colombian singer Shakira has announced the release date of her new album

Shakira to Release a New Album on 26th May

MUSIC:  The Colombian singer announced the news on Thursday on her Twitter account … Shakira announced on Thursday to nearly 45 million subscribers on her Twitter account of the release of El Dorado, on the 26th May.  This will be the eleventh studio album by the Colombian singer aged 40 years, one of Latin artists who sold the most records in […]

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BB Brunes are back with a new single and album after three years

BB Brunes are Back after more than Three Years Away

MUSIC: In September they will celebrate two anniversaries: their ten years of existence and the fourth album … BB Brunes are back. After more than three years of absence, the leading group in the Paris rock scene and the phenomenon of baby rockers in the 2000s took over the studios. The recording of their fourth […]

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Kendji Girac has just sold over one million of his first album

Music : The First Album of Kendji Girac crosses million copies sold

A feat achieved in just 13 months … In just over a year, the first album of the winner of The Voice in 2014 entitled kendji just passed the million mark copies sold in France over the weekend. With 6,000 copies sold last week, the album released in September 2014 shows a record of 1,004,100 copies […]

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