The Singer Avril Lavigne Officially Announces Her Return

The singer Avril Lavigne officially announces her return

MUSIC: The singer, Avril Lavigne who has struggled for many months against Lyme disease, is back with a new album ..

A rumour even gave her dead and replaced by a look-alike. After being very discreet in recent years, Avril Lavigne is back with a sixth studio album.

A few months ago, the singer had wanted to silence the many rumours about her. She had announced that she was well, and that she was preparing a new record after a few years of illness and convalescence.

“It was the worst years of my life”

In a letter published on her website, Avril Lavigne explained that in 2014 she contracted Lyme disease , a bacterial infection that could cause fever, headaches or rashes. “It was the worst years of my life as I was going through physical and emotional fighting,” says the American singer. “I was able to turn this fight into music that I’m really proud of. ”

Head Above Water , his new single, was written at the worst of his fight against the disease. “I had accepted death and I could feel my body closing. I felt like drowning. As if I went underwater and that I just had to look for air, “recalls the singer. “I later met a beautiful soul, Travis Clark, we sat at the piano and carved the rest of the song .” A creation to discover on September 19th.

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