Shakira has Lost Inspiration after the Birth of her Children

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Shakira lost inspiration after the birth of her children

MUSIC: The Colombian struggled back to work …

After four singles, Shakira has finally unveiled last week her new album, El Dorado, an album that was not easy to write. After the birth of her two children, Milan and Sasha, the singer took time to be with them. “I started a family, and this is the most wonderful thing, the most important thing for me,” she told the Associated Press, as reported by Billboard.

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Except that to put on her artistic cap proved more complicated than expected. Shakira even had to take time for it and get away a little with the two children she had with Gerard Pique. “I was in front of a blank canvas, I panicked, and I was at the same time torn because I do not want to stop spending time with my kids, but I also wanted to answer my own creative needs, artist, producer,” says the singer.

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To reinvent oneself
With a more than two-decade career, Shakira has finally decided that for this album, it does not put pressure. Rather than think of it as one piece, she worked song by song, and it paid off. “It completely changed my approach, and it prompted me to make more music and not to take this project as a single body of work, but simply to focus my energy on each song and do all effort, but one song at a time … instead of looking at this project as a sort of Everest to climb,” said Shakira.

Result, the singer says itself, this album was more “fun” than others do.

Even if the writing of El Dorado requested a different job and a little perseverance, for the world Shakira will regret having started a family. “For years, I shelved those things that are my priority now, to have a family (…) I used to be the center of my world, both the beginning and the end, the alpha and omega my own world and now my children and my family are my only priority,” she also says.

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