This Thursday, could see the return of the air pollution in Paris

Paris: Return of the Pollution (but not the Alternating Traffic)

POLLUTION: A return of the air pollution in Paris looks set for Thursday, public transport and carpooling encouraged … In Paris, a new air pollution episode is never far away. Twice in December, the alternating traffic system had been set up following pollution peaks. On Thursday, it is scheduled for another air pollution episode.  In fact, […]

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Due to Pollution, Alternating traffic continues in Paris

Pollution: Alternating Traffic and Appeal to Motorists

For the third consecutive day, alternating traffic was renewed Thursday in the Paris region, with the hope that motorists will show more civility often criticized for this measure to reduce the peak of winter pollution, unprecedented in a decade. This device will also set up for the first time in Lyon and Villeurbanne, starting Friday, […]

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Alternating Traffic restrictions will continue in Paris on Wednesday because of pollution levels

Pollution: Alternating Traffic Renewed for Wednesday in Paris

Alternating traffic established in Paris on Tuesday and 22 towns in the inner suburbs will be repeated on Wednesday due to the persistence of fine particle pollution and nitrogen dioxide, announced the municipality. Wednesday, only vehicles with odd-numbered license plates will be allowed to circulate in the Paris region, those with even plates that could ride […]

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Only vehicles with Even numbers allowed in Paris due to Pollution

Pollution: In Paris, Traffic will Alternate Tuesday

Only vehicles whose number on the license plate is even will able to circulate on Tuesday in Paris and twenty-two cities in the inner suburbs. These traffic restructuring aims to reduce pollution that has settled in recent days on the capital. Public transport will be free on Tuesday and alternating traffic will not apply to […]

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Lille: The air is polluted (but you do not know it) 1

Lille: The air is polluted (but you do not know it)

ENVIRONMENT: Lille again beat a heat record on the 14th September, but particulate pollution accumulates … This is an additional summer day in the Hauts-de-France on Thursday. The opportunity to eat one last time on the terrace? Better to think twice, because the particle pollution levels have followed the rise of the thermometer, particularly in the […]

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