Pays de la Loire: Air Pollution Warning for Monday

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An alert for poor air quality in the Pays de la Loire for Monday has been issued

The air quality will be poor on Monday 23rd January. An episode of pollution by fine particles across the region. Air Loire placed the five departments in the Pays de la Loire on alert

The air quality deteriorates on Monday 23rd January across the whole department, as in the whole region of the Pays de la Loire. The five departments will all face an episode of fine particle pollution.

“This episode of pollution is linked to the current weather” according to Air Pays de la Loire.  The  increased use of heating promotes the emission of pollutants, especially fine particles (PM10). “The beautiful weather of recent days, due to the presence of an anticyclone, has also the disadvantage of not dispersing these pollutants.

Following the information procedure and recommendation triggered by Air Pays de la Loire on Friday, departments affected in the region go to the next level, that is to say, the alert procedure. Regulatory measures are taken by prefectural.

Reduce speed

He asked motorists from Monday 23rd January to lower their speed by 20 km/h on the motorway and main road network routes. Any burning outdoors is prohibited.

In industry, the installations classified for environmental protection must implement their provisions and on the sites of dust emission reduction measures must be prises.  In agriculture, residue burning is prohibited until at the end of the episode.

Advice to fight against pollution

Meanwhile, the prefecture recommends citizens to use carpooling, to favour public transport, to control the temperature in its housing, to prevent the use of fireplaces, and the burning of waste without approval.

On the health front, it is recommended to limit strenuous activities and sports.

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