Marc-Antoine Jamet, mayor of Val-de-Reuil and General secretary of the luxury group LVMH

Normandy: Mayor in Eure and General Secretary of LVMH, Speeding at 158 ​​km/h instead of 70 in Full Confinement

Marc-Antoine Jamet had already been caught speeding at 203 km/h instead of 130 on the A13 motorway, in 2011 The mayor of Val-de-Reuil ( Eure ), Marc-Antoine Jamet, was checked at 158 ​​km/h (speed retained) on a portion of the A6 motorway limited to 70 due to work, at Grigny level ( Essonne ) this Sunday 5th April. He was […]

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Road accident on the A13 at Bouquetot

Accident on the A13 to Bouquetot: A Woman of 85 years Transported in Critical Condition

This Tuesday 23rd April, at 2.30pm, an accident occurred on the A13, at Bouquetot (Eure). A car was hit by a lorry from behind This Tuesday , April 23 , at 14 h 41, the departmental fire and rescue service (SDIS) of the Eure is alerted by a motorist who is on the A13, at Bouquetot (Eure)  : two women , in a car, were hit, […]

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A man was killed crossing the A13 motorway at Calvados

Crossing the A13 Motorway in Calvados, a Pedestrian Dies, Hit by a Car

A 45 year old man was killed, hit by a car, in the area of ​​Giberville (Calvados) on the A13, near Caen. He tried to walk to a parking lot. A terrible accident . A 45 year old pedestrian was killed, hit by a car on the A13 motorway, near Caen (Calvados) on Saturday 20th January shortly before 11pm. He was trying to […]

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Several injuries in road accident in Normandy

Normandy: Serious Accident on the A13 in St Hymer, Several Injured and Tailbacks

ROAD ACCIDENT: Saturday 25th November, 2017, shortly before 12.30pm, a major pileup occurred on the A13 near Pont L’Eveque. There would be many wounded, three very serious. The A13 motorway in Normandy is partly cut off to traffic in the direction Caen-Paris, at Pont L’Eveque (Calvados). Shortly before 12.30pm this Saturday 25th November, a major pileup occurred in the municipality of Saint-Hymer. Eight ambulances, […]

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Traffic difficulties on the A13 in Normandy

Normandy A13: Vehicles Broken Down, Slowing for Several Kilometers

The evening turns on busy roads in Calvados on Easter Monday 17th April 2017. A slowdown over seven kilometers is currently registered on the A13 between Danestal and Beaumont-en-Auge, in the direction Caen – Paris . A slowdown of several kilometers is currently registered on the A13 in the direction Caen-Paris between Danestal and Beaumont-en-Auge. […]

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A feasibility study is started to set the potential of electrification of a portion of the A13 in Normandy

Normandy: The A13, the First Electric Highway of France?

After the first solar road in the world, inaugurated by the Minister Ségolène Royal in December, at Tourouvre, Orne, Normandy. Will it also be the first electric highway of France? A feasibility study has been launched to define the potential for electrification of the main road, the A13, about 200 km, between Caen and Paris. […]

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One hundred firefighters attended the accident on the A13 at Yvelines

Huge pileup on the A13: at least 65 Injured including 5 Serious

A major pileup occurred Monday morning on the A13, in Yvelines, at the exit of Epône.  At least 65 people were injured, five seriously. A major deployment of emergency personnel was deployed. The highway is cut off to Paris. At least 65 people were injured, five seriously, in a pileup occurred early Monday on the […]

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Fatal accident in Normandy

Mysterious Fatal Accident on the A13 in Normandy

An accident killed one person on the night from Saturday to Sunday on the A13, near Rouen (76). The circumstances are mysterious. The information was revealed on Sunday by the Normandy News.  Around 4am in the night from Saturday to Sunday, a fatal accident occurred on the A13 in the direction Rouen-Caen, between Trouville-la-Rivière and Oissel, […]

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