Storms, Falling Temperatures … Weather “Worthy of a Month of September” this Weekend

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Falling temperatures and storms are forecast for the weather in France

Rain and wind in the north, the sun still in the southeast (but a little less hot), and the risk of thunderstorms. The weather cocktail for the next few days is taking shape.

While the southeast has suffered from the heat in recent days, the inhabitants of the north will be able to bring out the raincoat.

“The scenario which presents itself in Brittany and a good quarter of north-western France this weekend has all the characteristics of a situation worthy of a month of September, but in a summer context where the precipitation is struggling to slide south”, summarizes meteorologist Yann Amice.

depression is coming from the west for this weekend of July 22 and 23, 2023, he announces. And it should, over the days, ease the heat wave a little in the southeast.

Falling temperatures

“Fairly hollow, this depression will come to the west of Ireland on Saturday 22nd July and gradually influence almost the whole country, with falling temperatures”, details Yann Amice.

The wind (up to 80 to 90 km/h on the English Channel) will strengthen over the entire northwestern half of the country and the rain, quite marked, will return to a large northern half.

“We should have 30 millimetres of rain in total on the coastal fringe along the Channel and less and less going down to the south. He estimates 3 to 5 mm in Nantes (Loire-Atlantique) just like in Paris”.

The return of the storms

If the strong heat will persist a little longer in the southeast, a weather change is also announced, with undoubtedly the return of thunderstorms, from Sunday.

“This westerly dynamic should reactivate the thunderstorms ahead of the rainy zone which will shift from west to east on Sunday,” explains Yann Amice.

The confrontation of air masses with very warm air in the low layers and colder air at altitude will trigger a classic pattern for thunderstorms which could prove to be violent, from Sunday evening but especially Monday.

Yann Amice – Meteorologist

A stormy degradation which could take place on Sunday and continue Monday 24th July and Tuesday 25th July, “mainly from the south-west to the north-east of France”, estimates for its part Météo France in its forecasts of possible dangerous phenomena.

In summary, if you are going on vacation, these next few days are expected to be a little less hot in the south, but above all much wetter and cooler in the north and in the west of France.

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