China: The Video Game Sector Locked by Power, What Economic Consequences?

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Sales of Video Games fall in China

SCREENTIME: This sector has long experienced growth in the country, but the State takes a dim view of the addiction of the youngest to video games

Sales of video games in China fell last year for the first time in ten years, at a time when the world’s largest market was undergoing a resumption of control by the authorities, according to a study published on Tuesday.

This lucrative sector has long experienced double-digit growth in the country, galvanized by the rise of the internet and the widespread use of smartphones. But the power, which wants to counter the addiction of the youngest to video games, undertook 2021 a vast regulatory tightening which strongly penalized the sector.

Limited online game time for minors

In this context, sales in China of video games fell in 2022 by 10.3% over one year, according to a report by the Chinese firm Gamma Data which refers. This is the first time since 2013 that sector revenue has not increased. They still reached 265.9 billion yuan (36.3 billion euros) last year.

Companies have been penalized in particular by the freezing for nine months from 2021 of any new license, compulsory to market a game on the largest market in the world. The authorities resumed in April 2022 the granting of licenses, thanks to an easing in the context of an economic slowdown in China.

This month alone, 87 games have been given the green light for marketing, the press and publications administration said on Friday. The takeover of the sector was notably marked by drastic restrictions imposed on players under the age of 18. Their online game time is now limited to three hours per week.

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