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If your are a keen blogger, why not earn some money for something that you enjoy ? I have just joined such a service called Smorty, a company that specialises in Blog Advertising which connects people or companies who want their product or website reviewed and are prepared to pay for it.

If you go to Smorty, the application form is easy and after they have reviewed and approved your site, you can log-in, and start to pick a task to write about, or they will email it to you. You can be 100 % honest about the service or site, and you are under no obligation to except all the tasks if you don’t want too.

You normally start at a payment rate of $5.00 per article but this increases depending on your page rank and how many articles you write. They pay direct to a paypal account every week, and although the amounts don’t seem too large, it all adds up over time, especially if you do just 2 -3 articles per week.

The site is well designed, very clear and simple to navigate. You have a members area that clearly shows what articles you have chosen to write, and how much you hae earned, a very good affliate program and a useful FAQ section should you have any questions.

So if you want to get paid to blog, pay a visit to Smorty.

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